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A give back and a get back

A Give Back:

I got to work with the organization Give Kids The World on their advertising campaign this past spring.  We donated digital billboard space and I kept track of all we did for them.  I really enjoy getting to work with these kinds of organizations and always try to have a relationship with one in a given month.

Because of the donation, they’ve been asking me to take a tour of the Village, which I haven’t yet, but I did just take advantage of attending their Black and White Gala.  At the event, they announced that their goal for the next five years will be to raise 100 million dollars for additional buildings and renovations.  The videos they showed moved me and while talking with other people who have volunteered, I’ve decided I’m going to take the plunge.  They were recognized as the top rated charitable organization last year and I look forward to helping in any way I can through volunteer hours and in any other way they may need.

A Get Back:

There is one yoga clothing store that has it right – LuluLemon.  I had never been before today and was invited through a friend on Facebook to take their free yoga class this morning.  They have a class at 9:30a every Sunday and most of the time they only ask for a little donation.  Because of this act of kindness, knowing that a regular yoga class sometimes costs $15, and the fact that they have yoga clothing that particularly fits the needs of yogis, I will become an avid purchaser of their products.  Good job on the marketing! You got me!

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