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More Sales Love

I just came back from Atlanta where I got to learn more idiosyncraticities (I know that this isn’t a word, but it fits) of the sales process.  There was a lot of art and science in regards to the process and the biggest thing I learned is that as a sales person, you should be looking for feedback constantly.  They had each of us build a presentation and the critique on mine was that I was talking the client to death.

My background in presenting has consisted of presenting to boards, chambers, clients over the phone, and a couple of clients in a room at a time.  And when I present, I’m presenting information they actually want to hear about: how I’m going to be spending their money on advertising.

But now, I have to re-program myself because a client we’re talking to may not want to hear everything about what we offer.  While they want to be educated, I have to do so in their terms and make sure that I’m getting constant feedback to make sure they understand what I’m saying.

The benefit I have in my position is that I’ll probably never have to go it alone.  I’ll always be with a sales rep who has the relationship with the client and can already read their feedback mechanisms.  At the training, we all collectively agreed that the digital billboard managers and coordinators should be considered a valuable tool in their toolbox and to use us for educational purposes.  And they can also use me for marketing and creative strategy discussions!

I’m a swiss-army knife. 🙂

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