My Refreshed Look at Leadership

I am one lucky girl! I was given the opportunity to participate in a leadership program that brings together some of the best and brightest Orlando business community leaders for a seminar on leadership and civic responsibility.

I have taken many a leadership training camp, class, and seminar and have been a part of leadership organizations before. But this feels different. Here, I feel how the many different pieces of leadership I have learned before have combined into one synergistic effect of actually wanting me to become a leader again.

For some reason, I was never able to make the connection of doing all of the mandatory community service in college with the civic responsibilities of a business leader. But in this seminar, I have really felt the connection of it but with the twist of also taking on responsibilities of being a leader with those volunteer organizations. I thought that they had to be two different people – a civic minded person running a volunteer organization and a business leader running their business organization. But I then learned that all of these organizations need help from oversight boards and consultants to guide them through different decisions and processes that they can’t tackle on their own while running the organization’s nuts and bolts at the same time. I can use my new networking skills and my old marketing skills to help them grow more successful! And this excites me!

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