Ah Ha Moments When Learning to Lead

I really enjoyed the first two days of the leadership seminar I’m attending!  I felt like it was a lot of great information jampacked in, but there were some great nuggets that I’d like to share with you to give you a leadership advantage as well.  Most of these things were re-learnings where it’s helpful to hear them from many different people over and over again, so consider me one of those people to you!

As a leader, no one will follow you if you don’t have a plan.  And others will make your plans for you if you don’t have one for yourself.

Go back to doing handwritten notes after networking events or if someone does something nice for you!  Just take the time and do it!  It works wonders at having people remember you!

Life is not a spectator sport.  Participate!

If you want to be on the good side of change, you have to be the one to make the change.

The only difference between stress and a bullet is the length of time it takes to kill you. 

Holding onto pain in order to remember what it felt like to try to not allow the pain to happen again is like hugging a porcupine.  Why would you hug a porcupine?  Let it go!

Life isn’t a multiple choice test. When thinking of solutions, don’t stop at the first right answer because there will be many different ways to solve something.  Find the best right answer.

And finally, listening should be an active process.  The Chinese understand this since their symbol for listening is a combination of the following:


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