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Try to Read This Post Before Game Day, or What Ad People Will Be Doing During the Super Bowl

Will it be all Advertising and Marketing People doing all of the stuff that Advertising and Marketing People want consumers to do during the Super Bowl on their smart phones and tablets, or will consumer do it too?  Here’s a to do list of what you need to take advantage of everything advertisers are trying to give you during the game.

To do list:
Download Shazam – One-third to one half (depending on the source) of the commercials will have this application in order to enter sweepstakes, view special content and receive free music.
Advertisers to look out for:
Anheuser-Busch, Best Buy,, Walt Disney, Pepsi-Cola, Relativity Media, Teleflora, Interscope Records,
Download Chevy Game Time app and play during the game and you can win prizes by answering trivia and poll questions.
Download Adbowl 2012 to vote and view results of which ads are better.
Download GetGlue in order to “check in” with commercials to get free stuff.
Visit if you want to see the Polar Bears with new personalities provide comments on the game and half time show in real time.

Let me know if you win anything from any of these!  I’ll be trying to, too!

Sources: – “This year, thousands of eager football fans are adding one more thing to their Super Bowl party to-do list: downloading applications.” – Pepsi is working with Shazam to help promote its “X Factor” sponsorship and Get Glue for BOGO products and Pandora for a day of game themed station.’s Media Decoder Blog – Shazam is going to steal the show

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