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Happy Birthday Mom! (An “if you had facebook, this is what you would see about your birthday” post)

Because of this, I’ll bring Facebook to you!  On the day of your birthday, everyone on Facebook will see it here:

Then, let the wall postings begin!  If you have your phone app of Facebook, this is what you might begin to feel like.

Here are examples of what could show up on your wall.

Some people will remember they have points and may think you’re worth it to give a “gift.”

Or, some people will get more creative.

Some people on their own blogs have kept track of where their birthday greetings come from.  Yours would probably be similar.

One person even did an experiment where they kept changing their birthday to see if people would notice or still post “happy birthday” on their wall.  Here were the results.

And after all of these well wishes and congratulations for making it one more year, it is customary to respond to everyone either individually (which means you have some spare time on your birthday) or in one fell swoop.  May I suggest this one?

Disclosure – I actually enjoy saying happy birthday and having people say happy birthday to me on my wall!  So don’t give up on me this July if you read this blog! 🙂

1 thought on “Happy Birthday Mom! (An “if you had facebook, this is what you would see about your birthday” post)”

  1. This made me laugh. I just had a conversation about birthday wishes on Facebook – even though we all secretly love getting 100+ happy birthday’s, it is funny when you don’t even recognize some of the people on your wall. Gotta love Facebook!! 🙂

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