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Comparing your media to broadcast: Is it necessary?

I have had a few different media companies coming to me and asking how they should sell their new technologies (or even old) to media planners like me.  Like I talked about last week, Out of Home is trying to compare themselves to TV/radio and online radio is trying to  also compare themselves to radio.  I actually spoke at the PBS Annual Meeting in May and talked to their “sales” reps about how they should try to talk to clients about buying their media.  And I wound up doing some fun “media math” that did compare them to TV.

So it appears that broadcast is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  But why?  Is it because it is an old, but still powerful, media outlet that they get to be comparison-ed all of the time?

If I was a sales rep, I would actually try to sell people on how different my media was at targeting, reaching, and re-reaching your audience and doing it efficiently against some sort of measurable results.  And if I had some similarities between TV or Radio or Internet, I would mention it in my pitch, but ultimately the gross impressions and estimated frequency  would be what made it into the proposal.

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