Becoming a Manager (when you’re a Millennial), An Intro

Millennials, particularly the Millennial A’s, are defined (by me) as those who may have had a cellphone in high school, but they were still paying for every minute. It was also either attached to a bag or at least didn’t flip closed. We (because I’m one of them) are now entering management roles where we are managing Boomers, Xers, Millennial B’s (and they are different from us), and soon, the Centennials (who will be VERY different from us). Before, if we were a supervisor or manager, we were probably learning to manage our equals, so we got pretty good at that. Each generation grew up with a different set of work ethics, only some of which are evolving in thanks to the younger generations, and the others we’ll just have to manage to.

While it is now important to understand the different things a manager needs to know about managing, it is critical to look to the great Millennial Managers who have gone beyond standard management training and have figured out how to grow their departments or businesses into thriving, generationally diverse organizations.

At my main gig, I am currently managing a Boomer and a Millennial B, but in my previous jobs, I only managed Millennials. So, I am still learning (of course) how to do all of this myself. It is a topic I’ve become passionate about but I haven’t found as many resources on this topic. Most of the books out there these days are on how to motivate Millennials, and how Millennials are changing work habits with their self-centric expectations and demands. But there’s half of us (the Millennial A’s) that didn’t think we should rock the boat as soon as we got out of college. Many of us took the traditional path and are now in management and trying to figure out how to motivate everyone else.

Over the next year (or sooner if I actually land a book deal… got any ideas how to land a book deal?), I want to start looking at Millennial Managers who have seemed to get it right, meaning they are stepping up as great managers or business owners who are employing all of the generations and making everyone feel they are being equitably treated and included. I also plan on evolving what I’ve written about leadership before. I’d like to see if I can make it flow within the context of things a Millennial Manager should know.

If you know of anyone who fits the criteria mentioned above, please let me know and maybe introduce me? Also, if you know of any celebrities that are actually doing this, I’ll research them more, too. I’m just not sure Gwenyth Paltrow, Rachel Hollis, or any of older the Kardashians actually employ/manage anyone in the Baby Boomer, or even Gen X, generations. I could be wrong and am being totally judgmental, but it’s just a feeling.


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