Status Update

Podcast – S2E04 – Visualizing Your Perfect Day

We made it to the 15th episode! With Patti recovering from the flu, John and she discuss the importance of know what your perfect day is and why visualizing it matters. If you don’t know what it looks like how will you ever know if you’re getting close to having one? Try thinking about it in great detail. When and how will you wake up? What do you do first? Then second? Then third? How do you wind down in your evening? If there’s something in your perfect day that you can incorporate now, then go ahead and do it! And knowing other people’s perfect days helps you appreciate how they want to lead their lives and you can help each other attain it. The Microstory for the episode continues on their adventures in Montana with a highly flatulent horseback riding tour of the Lonesome Dove Ranch. If you have a hankering for huckleberry jam, syrup, or even coffee you can find their brand on amazon by searching for “bounty foods huckleberry.”

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