Status Update

Podcast – S2E03 – Knowing Your Values

In random learnings, John talks about his experience with rating nonprofits as a community voter for the The big event is usually in February where the chosen non profits compete by telling their story for a chance to a grand prize of $20,000! The theme this episode was Values, why it’s important to identify what yours are. When you know your own values you can use it as a compass for how you behave and the choices you make. When you know others’ values it helps you better understand their priorities and choices. Couples, work partners, friends, and even people across the political divide can look to see how their values are similar and can help with working together. It makes us remember that we’re all human! The Microstory of the week is their adventures with skiing. John is really really good. And Patti? The Florida girl can rock the bunny slopes.

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