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Important Learnings From My Evo Planners, Part One

One of my time management tools I use it the Evo Planner. As you may know, I love personality tests, and the results of this one pointed me to a planner that matched my personality type. The Evo Planner has four different types, and mine (The Architect), has me review things I’m grateful for, make sure I include a little fun in my day, and reflect on if I learned something, had an interesting experience, or discovered something, or celebrated a win.
I’m not on my third planner which means I’ve been using this system for half a year. The first time I finished one of the planners, I went back through all of the answers to the weekly question “What did you learn this week?” and remembered the moments that were the most impactful and caused me to pause or change something about myself and my habits. 
Now that I’m on my third planner, I read the first one and took notes on my favorite learnings, and then I did it for the second planner. I think they’re pretty universal things to think about and so I wanted to share my Important Learnings with you in this two-part series.
Important Learnings from My First Evo Planner:

  • Always bring backup food
  • Ask more questions
  • Block time for reflection and spontaneity
    • need to have more pauses and choose meditation; plan for non-focus time
  • Meetings where people are not paid to come (re: not their job) need to be fun
  • It’s okay to leave something early to maintain self-care. F-FOMO
  • Stop trying to work on planes. It sucks
  • Beware of the non-homemade salad dressing
  • When traveling more than a day, have the emergency cold kit on hand
  • Try more Positive Emotional Attractor Conversations before Negative Emotional Attractor Conversations

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