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A little perspective with GF

It has been claimed now by a few friends that I help offer a little bit of perspective in their lives. Either from choosing to not grieve the fact that they’ve lost so many friends over the past year, but to celebrate that they have been fortunate to know so many amazing people to begin with, or to facing realities that their life chapter is about to change and it’s not an end of something, but a beginning of another.

Very recently I was asked about my perspective about being Gluten Free and how I’m not letting it be a stigma. How do I not let it label or limit me? How do I not fall into a funk about it?

The nice thing is that being GF is pretty common in Orlando these days. Most restaurants I go to will either write all over the menu crossing things off, they have a separate GF menu (although sometimes limited), or they can just make anything GF (like the restaurant in Paris at Disney!). #Orlandodoesntsuck

Tonight for Mom’s birthday we’re doing fondue, and it’s completely GF and mostly dairy free (some of the GF bread has some dairy in it). Grocery stores are bringing in more options and websites like Thrive make it incredibly easy to find fun snack options.

I am always here to help with perspective if you need it, but two great women I’ve learned a lot from (not just about being gluten-free but understanding about how food is the mechanism for wellness) are Vani Hari (Food Babe) and Alisa Vitti (Flo Living/Woman Code). Vani discusses how organic food is a better fuel for bodies and how American wheat is so distorted from what the body needs that it’s not really good for anyone! Alisa emphasizes that when you eat different foods during your cycle you make it easier for hormones to be created or break down according to when you need them. Both have been extremely helpful in righting my health and making me feel better overall.


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