Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Content Announcement

This year I have been diving deeper and deeper into truly understanding health and wellness.  

Of course, in the past few years, I’ve done a cleanse in India, been to an Ayurveda conference at a local Hindu Temple, became gluten intolerant, hired a personal trainer, and up until the middle of this year had been a board member of a local organic cooperative.

But I never wrote about that kind of stuff.  It was always Patti and Media.  

Even though I’ve switched over to Patti Is Still Learning, I still haven’t written about this huge aspect of my life.  If you know me, you’ve either learned from what I’ve shared or since I tend to overshare, been overwhelmed with what I share. My village tends to get the brunt of my learnings because, well, I want them to live as healthy as they can forever.

Now I’m realizing that since I’m still learning so much about health and wellness that my standard brain repository should be incorporating these kinds of posts into my blog on a semi-regular basis.

Another kick-in-the-butt reason for announcing that you’ll see more health and wellness related material is that I’ve fallen in love with a product line called Beauty Counter. One of my oldest, closest friends, who is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, introduced me to the line.  The short of it is that a woman who was with the Environmental Working Group was fed up with the fact that the beauty industry regulations hadn’t changed since our grandmothers started buying lipstick. So she started this company to do two things: make products that would be rated high by the EWG and use revenue generated to pay for lobbyists to aid in changing regulations in the beauty industry.

So I’m sold. And because I’m sold, and because I knew in my heart of hearts that I was going to tell everyone I know about this anyway, I figured I might as well sell it, too.

I’ll try to not be salesy in my blog posts, but if you are interested in learning more about Beauty Counter, follow me on facebook by clicking here.

And if you already know about Beauty Counter and love it and want to buy it and use me as a rep (because that would be awesome), use my link by clicking here.

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