iD and CD and What a Great Partnership

My business partner and I have learned what each other’s DiSC styles are and we’re really quite pleased.

I’m an iD and she’s a CD.

In DiSC, i people tend to be outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic, high-spirited and lively. C people are analytical, reserved, precise, private and systematic. D people are direct, results-oriented, firm, strong-willed and forceful.  And lastly S people are even-tempered, accommodating, patient, humble and tactful.

We are not Ses.

But what is great is that with my i and her C characteristics we are quite complimentary to each other.  My enthusiasm and need for action push her to not try to be 100% ready and 100% perfect (we’ve been shooting for 70%) before accepting or starting a project.  And her need for accuracy and her need to challenge some of my crazy ideas keeps us from going down the riskiest paths and really accepting and starting projects at more like 80%… And finishing those projects with 110%

The commonality we share with being part D is that we are both driven by results.  I tend to be ambitious and focused on innovation.  And my partner compliments that by being focused on the bottom line.

We sound like a couple of Wonder Women, right? I’m pretty sure we’re going to be unstoppable.  At least with data. And whatever we put our mind to with it.

PS – My CD partner asked the trainer why the i was lowercase.  The company had wanted to be “different” and that having it as a lowercase was to build more interest.  Yup, that sounds like something an i would do. 🙂

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