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Celebrate Everything

My friend threw me a Patti party. Yep, a Patti party.

She had made a New Years’ Resolution to start to celebrate more because she’s never been one to even acknowledge her own birthday.  So I was the first guinea pig.  It was great (being the extrovert I am)!

It made me start to think of all of the moments I try to hold on to and cherish and how I’ve been trying to Celebrate Everything. I read a long time ago that, as adults, because our life gets to be so routine, life feels like it’s moving faster.  When we are young, we’re learning something new pretty much every moment. Our brains are in high processing mode and it feels like when we reflect on our week it took FOREVER to get to Friday. And now, when some people are in the middle of their week, while they don’t feel like Friday can come fast enough, once they get to Friday they think, wait, where did the time go?!?

I’m really good at remembering when “little” things in life happened because I’ve usually tied them to some sort of celebration or holiday acknowledgment.  When did we go here or do that or see this? I’m usually pretty good with at least coming as close to the month or at least the season it actually happened.

So back to me and my Patti Party. 🙂

The celebration was because I changed jobs and she was extremely happy for me.  We and our spouses had all been a little uninspired in our current positions and the husbands started new jobs the second half last year (well, one made his own job, which was super cool) and she and I had been jealous and stressing about how we’d get to new chapters.  Since I was next with my new Analytics job and it was the new year and she had a new resolution, I got a party. And I will never forget it!

She also just celebrated her birthday with a party, which I’ve never gotten to do with her before because she hasn’t done it in years!  It’s been a long time since she’s had that many people in a room celebrating her (pretty sure the last time would have been her wedding).  I’m starting to think she’s an Extroverted Introvert and I am impressed that she’s stuck to her resolution, so we’ll see how the rest of the year goes.  She just changed jobs this week and we need to keep the celebration momentum going!

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