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Reaping Rewards with Waze

Having ridden around with Lyft drivers, you pick up a few things about how to get around town quickly.  They have all been using the Waze app to figure out the best ways to get places (ways, waze, right?).  But the app is so much more.  As their tagline states, they’re

2014-09-14 15.26.34


It has taught me new ways to get to work from home and vice versa.  I’ve gone down roads I didn’t know connected and took ways I figured were longer, but on that particular day, because another Wazer (that’s what we’re called) reported an accident or enough of them on a particular road are going pretty slow (i.e. I-4 in the morning or afternoon), the app has redirected me and saved me the headache.

Below is what the app looks like.  Kind of like Google, but the alerts on the right are all posted by Wazers as incidences others should be on the lookout for.  But other Wazers have the ability to alert Waze if the information isn’t accurate.

2014-08-17 18.50.13


Another interesting thing you’ll notice is the little KFC symbol on my drive.  It has a little dollar sign which means if I were to tap it, KFC would give me a coupon if I were to stop by.  Pretty compelling, right? (Well, if it were a juice shop I’d be more interested.)

Sometimes though, the advertiser seems a little desperate to get my attention and they thrust the coupon on me.  But I am not going an hour out of my way to get a sandwich.  Especially when I’m only two minutes away from my destination.

2014-08-17 16.33.59


I did like this one though.  They’re not asking me to use it right now, just since I guess I look like a good candidate for new appliances, I can buy one at a discount through my phone at a later date.  Did I click the “save for later” button? You bet I did.

2014-08-27 20.06.44

One time,  a little survey came down on the screen (while I was at a light, mind you.  Notice these coupon interactions have been when I am stopped at intersections… interesting) and asked me if I’ve seen them serve me certain ads recently.  One was for the TV show Brookly 99, which, I tapped I hadn’t seen, but when they served it to me again, I realize I had but I paid attention to it this time.)

2014-09-09 18.17.23


2014-09-10 06.04.44


Some other facts about Waze:

-It’s very handy to know when there’s a crazy cop frenzy (which happens on random days on the 408 EW Expressway).

-You and the other Wazers are shown as little car bubbly icon things, but you don’t actually appear on the map until you’re on the road for one minute (so no one can figure out where you live or work if they tried.)

-If you post that there’s a car on the side of the road, there’s random rain happening, there’s a cop with a radar, etc, and other Wazers drive by, they can give you a thumbs up which acts as a thank you for the information.  It feels kind of good, like you made a little difference in someone’s commute.

-It eats up battery life!  I kill it after every use because if you leave it running in the background it drains your battery.

Happy Wazing!

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