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Ads of Rishikesh, Part Dō (That’s Two in Hindi)

As I am watching the Yoga Travel Alliance’s trip back to India on Facebook (check them out here), I am still reminiscing about all of the fun things my Bestie and I did while we were there.  And did I mention that because of me and my Media Nerdiness, he took most of these pictures of ads for me?  He couldn’t help himself.

A Quick Tour

Here are what the streets just north of where we stayed in Parmarth Niketan Ashram looked like.  I’m in the purple and yellow. 🙂

showing the signs showing the signs 2

And these bridges are pretty famous landmarks in Rishikesh.  The monkeys are ever present and you have to watch out that they don’t steal your bags or hop on your back!



Here’s a better view of Mother Ganga. Yeah, we white water rafted there. It was ice cold and very cool.



“Official Postings”

Here are billboards that weren’t haphazardly posted to telephone polls.  So I’m assuming they were legit.


Of course, there's a little bit of copyright infringement on the name... but I'm not sure they actually made pizza.
Of course, there’s a little bit of copyright infringement on the name… but I’m not sure they actually made pizza.

“On-Site Signage”

Here are some of the fun store fronts that just made us shake our heads (SMH, if you will).

Totally the Disney font.
Totally the Disney font.
The jewelry store tried to use English.  They failed.
The jewelry store tried to use English. They failed.

“A Life-Line Saver”

The first day of the Panchakarma cleanse I was a little weak from the long walk.  This place was a refuge for ginger, lemon, honey tea (which I still drink about every day now… it’s amazing and you should try it) and FREE WI-FI.  We came back a couple of times and set up camp at a little booth as my Bestie had four types of communication devices so we could do some status updates to let friends and family know we were still alive.


And this is how we found it.


Swami Yoganada

This man was amazing.  He was the primary yoga instructor at Parmarth Niketan (where he resided in a tiny closet of a room) and also taught classes around town.  Here is an ad for him outside one of his freelance studios.


And that’s an old sign because he’s actually 106.  And he’s adored by everyone.  And his favorite pose is that of the Lion.  Rar!  His hour and a half morning classes at 6am were delightful.

us with yogananda


Well that’s all for my adventures in Rishikesh.  I hope to go back at least two more time s in my life (and stay at the Hotel Nirvana Palace, of course).  If you want to read more about it, Parmarth Niketan, and another journalist’s adventures, check out the CNN article here.  I hope you enjoyed the posts!

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