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Value Talk: Chapter 7: Gives and Gets

Last chapter of the Value Talk! You made it!

So, if you didn’t pick up on this in the last post, the reason why media gives away free media isn’t because they’re altruistic, it’s because they do think they’re going to get something out of doing it.  They give you the media, they want the exposure of your valuable audience in return.  In a couple of chapters back, you learned how valuable your people were, now how do you expose them to the media outlets to make it worth everyone’s while?

A list:

-Logo placement! On your website, on your Facebook wall, on email blasts, on mailers, on posters, and ON OTHER MEDIA YOU GET.

-Bag stuffers – Are you passing out gifts to attendees? Let the media put something in it, too.  Remember that some media can do this better than others, so while radio stations will think this is great, out of home may yawn.

-Booth space – Will there be booths at the event.  Give them one to hand out things and talk to your people.

-Signage at the event – banners at the gala, or on the fence during the walk, or around the stage where the presentations will be.

-Tickets to the event – So they can see and be seen and rub elbows with your bigwig attendees.

-Special seating at the event.

-Maybe even a moment to talk at the event.  They’ll be happy with 2 minutes (and may take 4) to give their spiel about what they actually do.

You can see that there are some things that all sponsors could get, but you wouldn’t want every sponsor to get all of them.  So match up these Gets to the Gives of your tier sponsorship levels, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a great way to get free media.

Last tip.  Don’t forget to follow through with all of your Gets.  If they give everything they said they would, and you don’t hold up on the Gets, don’t expect their sponsorship next year.

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