Value Talk: Chapter 2: Media Buying Tips, General Thoughts

So if you had solid ways of knowing if your money in advertising can work hard for you, how do you go about buying it?

First, I have some general thoughts about media buying.

Diversify your media portfolio.  It’s called a media mix because you should never put your eggs in one basket – different vehicles can help convey different messages as well as help move a customer down the “conversion funnel.”

Message vs. Medium.  Think about the different media out there and consider whether your message can hold up to each of them.  Each medium has certain pros and cons for how to deliver a message.  If your company needs a lot of disclaimers, certain media can be more useful than others.

Know your target consumer.  It’s not everyone under the sun.  Figure out what group of people give you the most money the most easily.  That’s your target audience.  When a sales rep comes into your business, they’ll be more helpful to you if you can tell them whether your target audience is male or female, their age range, and their assumed household income.  And when you’re narrowing this target audience down, keep in mind that if you have other types of customers that also bring you money that’s okay.  They’re probably going to see your ads, too.  You are just not necessarily having to specifically pay to reach them.

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