Out of Home

More Sneaky Ads at Disney

If you can’t tell after this post, I now have an annual pass to Disney World.  It has been my dream to be able to go to Epcot just for dinner, or take an afternoon trip and ride some rides.  And thanks to my friends (pictured below) contributing to the cost as a birthday/Christmas present, it’s a dream come true!

Anyway, now that I’m going and not rushing, I’m noticing more of those sneaky ads they have going on – they’re everywhere!  I saw another Quilted Northern on the wall of the bathroom entrance at MGM (I will refuse to call it by its new name forever and ever).  Here are others I discovered.  Click on the first picture and you should go to the gallery of bigger images.

Well, that’s all of the sneaky ads I have for now! Merry Christmas!

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