Old timey ads with scary consequences

In honor of the fact that Halloween and its advertisements are already upon us in Orlando (yes, next week I’ll probably do this in honor of Christmas… just kidding), I found some vintage ads that might send shivers down your spine.

I didn’t know that stoves had so many troubles to need to be wrapped in asbestos to solve them.

I never knew you could rub Ben-Gay on your head.  How does a muscle pain cream help with a head cold?

This seems a bit extreme, right?  What happened to just yanking them out back then?  This was the better solution?

Just ask the islanders of Borneo.

Yes, but how does one get rid of them once your at your ideal weight?  Or is this a long-term relationship?

I could go on and on, but there are already lots of blogs dedicated to the weird and wild ads of times past.  Google Images helped supply my results.  Happy Halloween!

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