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Affirmative Inquiry vs. Problem Solving

I watched a panel that included some movers and shakers who developed the beginnings of the “Super Region” of Florida, which includes 15 primary counties and seven secondary counties from Daytona to Tampa and all east to west of Florida.  They discussed how collaboration among the region has made us a stronger region, but much more work needs to be done.  I didn’t realize that we lost the Olympic bid for this year because we didn’t have good enough transportation between Orlando and Tampa.  And the Super Region has more than 50% of the representation in Congress but because everyone acts in their own best interest, we don’t do enough to work together to better the whole area.

They also shared that one of the ways we can help have our Congressmen work better together is to change what we demand of our elected officials in order for them to change.  Right now, we elect them for their ideas but then they do what they have to do to protect their seats.

I’m not entirely sure how we can influence them enough to get them to work for the people and not for their career.  I’ve noticed that can be difficult.  One-year term limits? Give them a different way to grade them on success?  Instead of them trying to get things only for their voting block, maybe we can instead rank their success based on how much they’ve helped the state and the country?  And only if they assist enough on a macro-scale are they allowed to be elected again for another term? Is that too greater goodness that no one will buy?

One last thing they mentioned was the concept of affirmative inquiry versus problem solving.  Instead of just coming to the table to talk about how to solve the problems that surround us, come to talk about the positive things that are occuring and how those can better impact the community.  Sometimes, these positive attributes may help work on the problems by changing the orientation to promote change.  I like it!

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