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Google! Google! Google! (Part due)

So have you signed up for Google+ yet? Have you put me in a circle? Why not?  Get going!

So back to the Google phenomenon.  Last week I mentioned a smart way to start planning vacations through Google/flight, and how combining different Google apps makes you do smart things.  This week we pick back up with how to buy everything else using Google on your phone, and how Google has found yet another way to track how you like ads and to be able to tell all of your friends that you like ads, too.

Something that will start to get big very soon will be Google Wallet.  It has just launched, but only on one Sprint phone.  For now.  Many credit card companies want to get into the game and with the start of phone manufacturers putting in near-field communication technologies in phones, it’s only time until everyone will “feel more naked without their cells than wallets.” For more information on this technology, check out my blog post about it, as well as this article from CNET.

Lastly, for those media nerds like me, you have to stay up on the fact that we’ll be allowed to put +1 tags on any banners we run through Google’s Ad Network.  It’s still a little unknown as to how this will affect people’s search results and friends of those people who hit +1’s search results.  Time will tell.  More information on this from AdAge.

If you have time to listen to a podcast, check out NPR’s Science Friday on Everything Google.

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