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Second to last in Radio Mini-Series: Traffic Sponsorships

One component of radio that I haven’t mentioned yet is traffic sponsorships/billboards.  This is one way to build a ton of frequency.  If you’re in the Orlando market, you know that a local lawyer uses this when buying five seconds of time between songs and asking a one worded question and then answering it with his company’s name and web site. 

For those clients that don’t have the brand recognition for just five seconds, and are about to spend money on :30s or :60s in a market, may I also suggest :10 or :15 traffic sponsorships?  If you have enough market reach with the standard buy, this is a great way to reinforce your message.

Or, like with that lawyer, if you have been in a market for awhile and want to push an event or drive people to a website, and don’t have much more to say than that, traffic sponsorships and billboards do the trick.

Advice:  Besides working with each individual radio station (which you can do as part of your normal schedule with them… sometimes they can give you billboards for free), there are three companies that have inventory across a wide range of local stations that help you not only build your frequency, but extend your reach even further.  And, they can either read or pre-produce your ad for you.


This first started out as a web site (hence the .com in the name) but has branched out to TV and radio.  For radio, it is ten seconds read by the traffic announcer and so hopefully catches listeners before they tune out!

Metro Networks

This is the competitor of NAVTEQ.  What’s nice though is that in most markets they have different inventory, so they’re not exactly competitors.  You can look at which stations they have so if you have a limited budget you can concentrate your funds with the company that has the most stations that are important to you.  Or, you can buy both so that you can extend your reach without too much overlap in inventory.

Clear Channel Radio Station Traffic

Clear Channel also has a traffic sponsorship sales team.  If you are just buying the CCR cluster or if CCR is really heavy in a market and the other two guys just don’t have the coverage, go with them.

Next week’s post will finish up my current thoughts on radio: How PPMs and ratings make it seem like no one listens to jazz or NPR.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Hey Patti,

    Found your blog via Linked In. Looking forward to reading your thoughts about NPR next week.

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