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Important Learnings From My Evo Planners, Part Two

My summer was full of Important Learnings! I hope that some may resonate with you, too. I feel like some of these deserve either future conversations on my podcast or deeper dives as blog fodder. Let me know if any of these or the previous ones piqued your interest and if you’d like to hear stories of how I came to that learning!

Important Learnings From My Second Evo Planner

  • Take time to hold and visit with the babies now, for tomorrow they will be too big and only kind of remember you
  • Always have a writing day scheduled each month to get thoughts out, even if it’s just writing out what you’ve learned from your Evo planner
  • Always assign someone to be someone else’s ‘second set of eyes’
  • Things will start to come your way only if you’ve provided an ample vision and have clearly defined what you’re hoping to receive
  • Be mindful of where you cross the street. Not all crosswalks are safe!
  • Pay attention to when you can minimize and find convenience and efficiency
  • Traveling? Bring a map in case your phone doesn’t have a signal…really.
  • Have questions of a colleague? You’ll actually get better answers faster if you go right then rather than emailing them
  • Have a personal shutdown ritual when work is done to have a mental signal to STOP WORKING!
  • Ask more questions!
  • Rate tasks as Wildly Important, Revenue Generating, and Contributing to Society, and prioritize accordingly
  • If you’re going to ‘check emails’, you had better also ‘process’ them so you don’t waste time by reading them more than once!
  • Follow your feeling and instincts and it will put you in the right spot
  • Block out time to plan for the next day right before your shutdown ritual

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