Status Update

Learning to Pivot

In my life, I’ve called various changes to my relationship status, or living arrangement status, or organization participation as “new chapters.” I think that in the business world, a more professional term might be “pivoting.”

In business, pivots can be big changes, like changing jobs into a new industry. Or they can be small, like what kind of projects you decide to take on.

As you may know, I did a big pivot this year with changing fields into data analytics. And it’s been a lot of fun! It’s been so much fun, that I couldn’t get enough of it and so started a business that would help me get to do more of it for other businesses!

Because Data Wonderment can do SOOO many things though, we’ve had a hard time narrowing down our services. We initially started saying we can do everything and would try seeing what sticks. But now that we’re about to do our third round of a 45-day planning cycle and we’re getting a little more clarity on what we WANT to do.

The last 45-days we focused on a consumer-facing endeavor that we foresee making big waves in the project-management toolbox category. We should do a little bit more research on some things before we make any announcements, but with some learnings we gleaned over the weekend, we know that we’re going to be pivoting some of the front-end work to activities that will actually be a little easier on us!

The next 45-days we may start fleshing out our webinar/slideshare/not-sure-what-will-be-best-for-distribution of a B2B program to help businesses read and understand reports they might be given and best practices for when they create reports to show successful (or not so successful) performance. My goal is to help local businesses, but this could branch out to anywhere in the country or the world! #foreveroptimistic

And who knows? We’ve got a couple of irons in the fire that could get hot in the next month and we might have to pause something and pivot again!

P.S. Because I love this guy and we bought the license to use him from Canva, here is my favorite elephant. We bought him to represent taking on big projects and breaking them down into small pieces… please tell me you’ve heard the saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

Elephant Chef (1)

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