E, I, and EI, Oh!

I was lucky enough to have the company I work for pay to have our department go through DiSC training. DiSC is one of those personality tests, but the nice thing about it is that it focuses on group dynamics more than some other types of tests.

This got me to thinking about what I was, what my new business partner is, and then what our spouses are like, and then what my bestie is like.  They all didn’t do DiSC, but knowing how they all absorb or create energy really helps to understand how they may react when they’re tired or frustrated.

This brings me to E, I and EI: Extroversion, Introversion and being an Extroverted Introvert.

I am an E all the way, baby! I love being around people, I “fill my well” by being around positive, vibrant, active people either through my social networking activities or with my friends.  If I’m feeling run down, the best thing I can do for myself is to go to a Femcity event because I know I’ll feel revitalized after that.

My business partner and her husband, though, are quite the opposite.  They are introverts through and through.  They need quiet time in order to self-reflect and recharge. They “fill their wells” from within.  On VERY rare occasions they will go out to an event with a big group of people, but I think it happens maybe twice a year if I’m lucky.  They LOVE small groups and one on one time.  But as I get to know each of them better, their shells drop and I feel like they actually do have the ability to collect energy from others… at least I know my partner says she gets super-jazzed when we’re working together… I think my enthusiasm may just be contagious! (And a small update from when I wrote this to when I talked to my partner about our husband… based on life circumstances, he might actually be morphing into a true extrovert, which is going to be exhausting for her! Only time will tell…)

My husband and my bestie, though, are a little deceiving.  They are Extroverted Introverts.  They are the life of the party and have no qualms chatting people up and down.  But, when they are done, they are done.  They derive no energy from people, they just seem to have bigger wells.  Once that well goes dry, it’s quiet time.  News and sports for the husband and video games for the bestie.

And I am still trying to learn that when that time happens, respect it and try to enjoy some quiet time on my own (which, by the way, I don’t require at all… but I do enjoy a good book).

Learning about yourself helps you learn about and appreciate others.  Knowing how they operate can make life a better place in social situations, at work, and in the home!

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