Two Juxtapositions of a Woman

This is a re-post from something I wrote for the Femfessionals Orlando group that I belong to.  If you live in Orlando and are a lady, you should think about joining the private Facebook group and maybe even becoming a member! It’s my most favorite organization I’m a part of (and I’m a part of a few…).


“Patti’s Friday Fem Fix:

This week I learned about two websites, one that’s been around for awhile and another that’s brand spanking new. And, when I looked at both of them, they reminded me of two aspects of the qualities of Femfessionals that are very different, but when combined, create a whole Femmfessional person.

The first is the brand new site Broadly, which is a sister site of Vice. If you know anything about Vice, you know they’re hard hitting, deep journalism that breaks down barriers and asks tough questions and goes to tough places to ask them. Vice was the real reason the Globetrotters went to North Korea – so they could get inside and sneak footage of what’s been going on (not just so Rodman could become besties with Kim).

So Broadly’s focus is on the topics that are about women who are doing the same things, and it is deeply interesting. The topics are refreshing, cutting edge, and informative… just like the ladies in Femfessionals! For a quick look at what Broadly is going to bring to the table, check out their overview page:

The second page has been around for awhile, but I just stumbled upon it because it’s going to have it’s first pop up shop in New York and it’s called Goop. Yes, it’s by Gwyneth Paltrow and yes, some people love her and some hate her, but knowing where she’s coming from makes her recommendations for high-priced, yet minimalist living relatable, just go for things that look like her recommendations at a third of the price, right?

Anyway, it’s actually the content, not what’s for sale, that reminds me of Femfessionals. Making healthy, yet indulgent food is a Femfessional priority, and Goop has a section for that. And Fems are always trying to be mindful and centered, but we’re all learning to also forgive ourselves when we think we forget how to, and Goop has a section for that.

And, piece de resistance, like the event we’re having next week, there’s a body section that showcases tips for aiding ourselves from the inside out. Literally. …[Removed for awesome, yet personal content that you should find once you join the Femfessional Orlando Group on Facebook]…

So Happy Friday ladies! I hope you enjoy the sites as much as I do and I look forward to seeing some of you on Tuesday! There is still some availability, but please register so we can make sure we have enough yummy, healthy snacks for everyone!”


So I hope that you, too, found these sites interesting and insightful.  Let me know if you see any articles/videos you think I would like!

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