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MIA: Marriage In Acceleration

So I’ve been MIA from my blog for a little bit.  Missing In Action, or, as my priorities are going, Marriage In Acceleration.  I’m engaged!  My Partner In Crime asked the question on Valentine’s Day.  And, of course, since I’m a planner at heart (media, group activities, my life, etc), we had already determined a date and desired location.  So, half of the planning done, right?

Sigh. Yeah right.

Both the Knot and David’s Bridal websites said that I was dreadfully behind.  The great thing about these sites is that they break down every part of a wedding into the tiniest detail, which is how I like to make my to do lists anyway.  But, out of the 350 things that have to be done, because we want to get married at the beginning of fourth quarter, I was behind on 100 of them from the get go.

Enter my Excel Nerd mind.  I literally spent three hours putting all of the to do list items into different categories and responsibilities of research, selection and wallet and built a master excel spreadsheet that put my mind at ease.  I have a spreadsheet for every month broken into dated tasks, what has to be bought, and what things just have to be done by the end of the month but at no set time.  Now, if someone asks me if I’ve picked out flowers yet, I don’t fret that I haven’t.  Because it’s not in that month.  I’ll worry about it when it hits whatever month I figured it made sense to do it.  No worries.

So while the date keeps creeping up, my priorities on blog, clubs, life have shifty-shifted.  Do I write my blog post? Or do I research caterers? Do I work on the website, or do I finish the minutes from the last board meeting? Wedding is winning every time.

But now, I feel with the Memorial Day three-day weekend ahead of me, and my P.I.C., er, fiance, still at work (yay to my work for letting us all off early), I felt I could creep back into my blog world and say hello and that I haven’t let it go.  There’s waaaaaaaaaay too much stuff I’ve done and learned this year that’s still stuck in my head waiting to get out.  And it is getting too full in this brain of mine.

So I’m back.  Book reviews, leadership training, research read, commercial consumption analyzed, and bridal gown shopping blogs fighting in my head on who gets to come out into the blog first.  It’s quite a battle in there.

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