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Whirlwind Paris Ad Tour, Part 1

My Partner-In-Crime and I spent Memorial Day weekend on a whirl-wind tour of Paris.  And while he was snapping photos of iconic landscapes and architectural structures, of course, in Media Nerd fashion, I took pics of interesting ads and media.

2014-05-24 18.32.46

I wanted to see what kinds of commercials I’d see so while he was in the shower, I clicked on the TV and got this welcome screen.  Love the personalization.  So fancy. 🙂

The one commercial that will stick with me forever is a deodorant ad that was for 48-hour protection, which spoke to me that showering every other day was normal enough that it would be touted as continuing to stay fresh smelling for that long.  Hmmmmm.
2014-05-24 21.12.37


One of his favorite RomComs is Something’s Gotta Give.  At the end of the movie, Diane Keaton is at her most favorite restaurant in Paris.  And so of course we had to go our first evening there!  They had all of the movie posters that they’ve been featured in.  It seems they’re very film-maker friendly.  We actually sat at the table that can be seen when Diane spots Jack Nicholson walking into the restaurant!

2014-05-24 20.26.43


2014-05-24 21.22.57


On our trek from the restaurant to the Eiffel tower we kept passing by these Press stands that, I assume, are only open on week days and on weekends are sole pavilions for advertising.  There were, of course, lots of them.  Pay close attention the beer ad… there’s a story in the next post about it.

2014-05-24 21.17.58

Instead of political ads running a muck up and down the streets, there were these kinds of stands everywhere where each wall was for a different precinct/area and people running for things or representing issues could post their information on the respective wall.  Reduces the political noise, I think.

2014-05-25 15.00.03

These columns for ads were everywhere.  I especially liked this ad because of what it represented.  I have actually written about these columns before in my article about Cannes, but I didn’t see any in Paris that also acted as pay toilets.

2014-05-24 22.49.09


After our walk to the Eiffel Tower we took a chilly boat ride on the Sienne.  This was a giant wallscape that was angled down and looked like it was meant specifically for the boat traffic as the cars would be took tucked under the sign to see it.  I wonder how it’s measured…

2014-05-24 21.50.57 HDR


Can’t help myself.  Love this photo.  Love this man.  We had a blast!  Next time, I’ll show you some pics of fun entertainment ads that we saw around town, as well as a handful of book ads we saw everywhere (there was a LOT of book promotion, especially sexy book promotions… I guess the Parisians want something sordid to read while in the subways.)

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