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Who’s excited about the arts in Orlando? This Media Nerd.

After attending the Red Chair Affair this year, I wound up on the “friends of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts” email list.  They have been sending updates about the construction and news on performances being scheduled there.  They sent an email a couple of weeks ago saying they were offering hard hat tours of the center and all I had to do was sign up for a time and I can bring a guest.  So of course I did.  And of course so did all of the other people with blogs in Central Florida.  And of course they’ve already posted their pictures on their blog and Facebook.  So I decided to come at my post with a different angle – the Media Nerd angle.  Enjoy.

2013-12-19 16.19.49

Mears Transportation is the sponsor of the construction wall.  Before they broke ground, the DPCPA went to area schools and asked the students to draw what performing arts meant to them.  The tour guide said they got back a lot of ballerinas and Michael Jackson, so you’ll see a lot of those on the construction wall.

2013-12-19 16.21.14

This is the CNL Arts Plaza where the Florida Blue Concert Series will be held.  In the room above it is the DeVos Family room where you can hold corporate meeting, weddings, and other kinds of parties.  It will be glass so if you are having a corporate event, make sure you bling the backside of your video screen and other signage with your logo for all to see so you can get the warm feelings of passers-by who now know you support the arts.

I also heard they’re looking for a sponsor for the screen to show movies on… hint, hint.

2013-12-19 16.28.54

Your view from the DeVos Family Room.

2013-12-19 16.57.18What the actors will see when they look out from the Walt Disney Theater.  Don’t mind the guy with the two heads.  He got caught in my panoramic firing range.

2013-12-19 16.48.33

This is the actor’s view of the Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater.  This will house any smaller performances by local groups/individuals that can fill 300 seats, but not 2,000.

2013-12-19 16.38.45

This is where the Acoustical Theater will be when they raise enough money to start on stage two of the building.  I hear they’re still looking for a sponsor for that one, as well… hint, hint.

2013-12-19 16.41.58

And finally, the pièce de résistance of media nerdiness, I introduce to you, the Wave Wall.  Not only will it act as an acoustic sound barrier between the theaters and the lobby, it will also light up in any color you want and project your logo… and it can be seen from the outside.  So if you have that spectacular corporate event and want your logo and special colors, it can happen for you!

2013-12-19 16.13.09

They should’ve gotten somebody to sponsor the hard hats and vests.  Missed opportunity.  Tsk, tsk. 🙂

Anyway, they’re doing a wonderful job over there and the excitement is building.  It is going to bring a new wave of creativity and access to the arts that Orlando has never seen before, and I’m excited.  Aren’t you?

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