Chipotle and PooPourrie are great, but will they stick in my head like Honda Diesel has?

Just this week two of what I now consider the greatest long-form advertisements has been leveraged on YouTube.  Have you seen them yet?  Well, if you aren’t on Facebook at least twice a day you might have missed one.  Here they are:

Poo-Pourie had my co-workers and I sucked in within the first five seconds.

And after having talked with a gentleman at Lake Eola this past Sunday who is trying to change the movement from eating animals that were processed at plants to going straight to a plant based diet, this ad hit home.  But I’m wondering where the scarecrow got his meat from?  Did he steal a cow behind the scenes and raise it on grass and good vibes?  Or is Chipotle starting to promote a vegetarian lifestyle and the dark stuff in the bowl were black beans?

So these are both wonderful, but there’s one long-form advertisement that has stuck in my head for the past SEVEN YEARS.  It’s both catchy and heartwarming.  And hopefully now it will be stuck in your head, too.

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