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My first non-political commercial in my voice mail

Yes, we’ve all had the politician, or one of their supporters, call us and leave a voice mail asking for our vote.  And I’ve made my friends get a phone call from Samuel L. Jackson about Snakes on a Plane back in 2006, but I haven’t yet gotten a phone call from a local business trying to get my business, until now.

And unfortunately, I’m not the target audience for this advertising! Take a listen.

First, I wasn’t sure who was saying he was or where he was saying he was going to be.  I thought that maybe it was a comedian I don’t know.  And second,  I was wondering how the heck they got my cell phone number.  But then they listed Wild Side.  Did I ever give them my phone number? I don’t think so.  And I’m pretty sure my cell is now on the Do Not Call list, thanks to my parents prodding (doesn’t help me with my blog, but it does prevent me from getting every telemarketer call under the sun).

Then, like a normal consumer, I gave up thinking about it.

Yeah right, like I’m a normal consumer!

Of course I did a Google search.  Because it sounds like he’s saying something coined, I Google “I’m so special” thinking that it might have been his comedic thing on “In Living Color.”  I was wrong.  He’s just saying he’ll be there in living color.  He’s actually Mavado, a rapper.

A rapper that is very hard to understand.  Except for that phrase.  I know this because of the music video I found (do not feel obligated to listen to the whole thing).

I then did a Google search with the keywords “Mavado September 12” because that was another bit of information I could understand from the voice mail.  He’s going to be at the Beacham! Now going back to the voice mail I can kind of understand that this is what he said!

I haven’t bought tickets to anything at the Beacham yet.  But their sister venue, The Social, I have.  And I bet I gave them my cell phone number at some point in that process.

But because I bought a ticket to a concert there (and definitely not a rap concert) does that give them permission to now use my voice mail as a conduit to submit to me their gobbledygook of a thirty second commercial?  I’m not sure.

So I called the number back to ask.  And it goes straight to that darn message again.  And I still can’t understand the first five seconds of it (it sounds like “Hey Boom, check this out. This is Gallihad, Highlander, you don’t know, September the 12th at Club Beach Ham…”

Frustrated Media Nerd.

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