Thanking My Wonderful Connections

Last week when I was writing about how Dr. Bob Davis influenced my career, I thought of all of the other wonderful people who have shaped where I am today and I wanted to thank them, as well.

-Mrs. Thomas, my high school year book teacher who had me sell ads, design ads, and layout the book, thus making me decide that this was the field I wanted to be in.

-Dr. Davis – for forming the Ad/PR program that I was intrigued by because I figured it would be better to hedge my bets by getting into this program than any other program in any other university (and for all of the other things mentioned last week).

-Dr. Frank Stansbury – for the guidance in all of my internships and his advice to me to take the Intro to Accounting class that made me switch out of Mass Comm to MBA.

-Melanie DeAbreu for giving me that final internship in media, when I clearly wanted one in account management, but she insisted that based on my resume, my references, and her interview with me that media was where I would flourish.  And I felt very fortunate to then get to work with her when she got an account management position at Ypartnership.

-Lisa Beaury (then Mendoza), who gave this girl with no “real work experience” a shot at media planning/buying based on my experience at C-K.  She is now one of my closest friends that I cherish dearly.

-Shelley Senzon for trusting Lisa’s decision and becoming my mentor.  And teaching me comparagraphs, even though he always says I taught him that.

-Stewart Hill for trusting me with a TON of autonomy to make my own decisions and my own mistakes.

-Barry Lott for teaching me how to “walk a client down the hallway and make sure all of the doors are closed” when I make a presentation.

-Bruce Skinner for thinking of me for the CCO Digital Media Manager position based on my working relationship with him.

-Craig Swygert and Joe Corbett for taking a chance on me in my new role and putting up with my number crunching excel spreadsheets.  I learn something new from them each time I come in contact with them during the day.  And learning makes me incredibly happy.

-And finally, thanks to my parents for letting me try everything under the sun, from piano to marching band, to politics at my high school to going to DC to learn more about it, and to going straight into a University first instead of going to a cheaper community college.  You guys are my rocks.

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