If Disney Saw This They’d Freak

So I thought I’d share.

In the market in Cusco, Ariel and Colette were just hanging out.


La Chinita either means little Chinese girl or girl with almond eyes.  Seeing that the menu doesn’t have Chinese food and Ariel’s eyes are blue, I guess they’re going off the idea that her eyes are shaped like almonds.  I would have gone more with Nina de Pescada, or Little Fish Girl.

Collette makes sense, seeing she was an amazing French chef, right?  And la esquina means “corner” and that food booth was at the corner of the market.

More infringement.

And if American Greetings saw this, how would they get the people to remove it?  And who thought of putting it here in the first place?  Was it a greeting card shop focusing on kids cards? Or was it a toy store?  I couldn’t even tell what it was now.

strawberry shortcake

Yes, that’s Strawberry Shortcake.  And in my attempt to figure out who had the rights to it, I spent a good twenty minutes on Wikipedia perusing all of the characters names and reading their bios.  Damn you, Wikipedia.  But I now remember about how Plum Puddin’ was originally a boy, then disappeared, and came back as a brainy girl from the city and fixed Strawberry’s oven.  Also that there was a dinosaur named Fig Boot that got adopted to Baby Needs a Name.  Wow.  Sorry.

But an interesting factoid was that there was a French snail mailman named Escargot, who was very slow with delivering the mail.  Whoever wrote the blurb on wikipedia says that he was attributed to the origination of the term “Snail Mail.”  I’m not convinced, but I like the factoid.  I also didn’t realize how grown-up some of the humor and one of the character’s issues were.  In one of the cartoons, Mr. Sun calls the Purple Pie Man of Porcupine Peak a “misanthropic fathead with a skinny physique.”  And the character Angel Cake had an eating disorder and was always dieting, but binge eating on candy and ice cream.

Okay, I’ll stop.

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