Inside the Mind of the Media Nerd: During the Super Bowl

I first have to admit that I went over to a friend’s house who has a DVR.  We recorded the Super Bowl, made dinner, and started watching the commercials and fast-forwarding through the game.  It was lovely.

Second, because of the blackout that ate up a half hour of the game, I missed the last chunck of commercials!  We didn’t have the forethought to record the show after the game in case it ran over.  Lesson learned for next year.

So onto my thoughts!

I can’t find the Maybelline commercial that ran during the kick-off commercial break, but I’m wondering the rationale for having bought the spot.  Did the buyer think that the women might still be paying attention at this point?

Because of this commercial, I will at least try Budweiser Black Crown.  Who knows, maybe it will have more flavor than dissolved bread in water?

Gross Go Daddy! Just gross.  Not because nerd and hottie get together (that was nice), but because of the close-up and the noises.  Ew.

I will not buy Doritos because of this, but I know some people that would.  We have been trying to mimic the goat screaming during downtimes at work.

Somewhere in the first half, the commentator said, “There might be some openings in the middle of the field this game.”  I remember this because 1) we actually watched a moment of the game, and 2) my friend feels the need to repeat any phrase uttered by anyone during the game that can be considered a sexual innuendo.  He’s shunned from many sports watching parties.  I think it’s funny.

Back to your regularly scheduled commercial breaks.  And you can be sure that The Rock will be in at least two of them.

The 16-year old inside of me still wants a VW.  And this commercial made me happy.  And I have a bonefide Jamaican friend.  And she said it made her happy, too.

Taco Bell es mui bien! Me gusta los gentes viejos!

Onto the half-time show!  Fan-made countdown? What did I miss to be a part of that? Wait? That was it? Meh.

2 broke girls.  All that build up for that? Meh.

Ah Nawlins.  Power outage? Poor Nawlins.

I can say februany.  Why was it so hard for those celebries?  Especially the actors that have to have fully functional diction.

Subway, Bud, etc got to have their ad block run twice in a row because of the power outage!  Buy One Get One free!  Best BOGO EVER!

Nothing beats an astronaut?  Did NASA have to contribute? Should that  be considered Public Relations bonus?  I actually didn’t write down who did the ad and I had to search for it again to know it was for Axe.  Luckily their SEO tagging was good and it popped up first.

Almost as good as Honey Badger. Almost.

All I wrote down was “It’s the alpacolypse!” So I couldn’t remember who did the ad.  So I searched on YouTube and found this “making of” and thought I would share it instead.

The fish is a super smooth cat.  Move over Budweiser Black Crown.

Ok, so back to live TV and there’s five minutes left on the clock.  It’s my bed time.  I’m out.  I’ll find out who won on NPR tomorrow.

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