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An ad that made me want my shoes back

Having a blast at a bachelorette party, I gave my Dr. Scholl’s ballet slippers to the Bride-To-Be as her dancing about had started to wear on her feet.  But after 3 hours of also being on my feet, I saw in the restroom:

2013-01-05 22.46.17It was taunting me.  And I couldn’t well snag the shoes back from the To-Be.  I like the media placement as it was EXTREMELY relevant, but it would have been nice if that bar was also a vendor.  I’m pretty sure they would make more money on the shoes than they would on a slow night.  Extra income.

Lesson learned.  I’ll get the feeling in my feet back eventually.

1 thought on “An ad that made me want my shoes back”

  1. Sincerely appreciate your sacrifice! I’m not sure how you lasted the night in those shoes! Thank you! (And I agree they should absolutely sell these things at the bar – or shoe companies should start making some sexy and comfortable shoes).

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