Some More Summary From the B.I.G. Summit

While last week I talked about mobile education, this week, I’ll touch on tips mentioned to help your business grow in the mobile arena.

Carol, with InterMedia Solutions, says that instead of just looking at the overall analytics of your site, you can and should now segment out those who access your site on their mobile device to learn their behaviors.  It is fairly easy to have a site become “responsive,” meaning it adjusts depending on the device that is being used.  For a great example of a responsive site, visit Ad 2 Orlando’s site here and shrink and expand the page to see how it adjusts based on the size of your browser’s window.  You should also remember that if you are a local business, you should claim your location with Google and Bing and beg your customers to write reviews on Google and Yelp.  Having rewards after the 10th check-in on Foursquare or Facebook also helps you get rid of those little business cards you have to punch holes into.  Lastly, she mentioned to treat your paid search results for mobile separately from your regular paid search campaign.  When I was running paid search campaigns, I finally did this, too, and found that my click through rates were higher and my cost per click was cheaper.  So jump on the bandwagon before this changes!

Now that you have your business properly established on mobile, you can then start thinking about ecommerce, er, mcommerce, which is was Jody from the panel talked about.  You can utilize the square to allow your employees to roam the storefront and check customers out on the fly.  If you’re a business that has frequent customers, look up what Starbucks is doing with their “tab” program.  They know it’s you from your cellphone as soon as you walk into their store and they can just put your order in and sync it to you!

There’s a lot more info available on mobile advertising and electronic wallets.  I’ve written about it in the following posts:

Mobile 101 – Paid search strategy and smartphone advertising

Mobile 101.2 – More on mobile & travel and mobile & in-car purchase funnel

Mobile 101.3 – GoMo, the Google Wallet and other mobile commerce trends

Young people feel more naked without their cellphones than wallets

But even since those posts were written, it has changed and grown, so we might be due for another update.  Stay tuned!

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