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Learning and Sharing: Two “new” social ways to do it

I’m excited to share with you two things that will hopefully make a small (or big) impact on your life with a new way to learn new things and a new way to communicate with your compadres.


A “new” web site (well, new to me),, has been a real treat to learn new things.  I recently participated in a webinar with Simon T. Bailey who discussed his new book Vuja De.  He had about sixty people sign on and learn about his ideas and methodologies for changing your thought and behavior and utilized all of the technological capabilities the site had to offer – crystal clear web cam, an interactive whiteboard where all participants could get involved and elaborate, quiz questions, applause/smiles/hand raises, and the chat feature  It was incredibly easy to load and I noticed only one or two people had hiccups that were easily fixed.  Not only does the site have motivational speaking, but also other things to learn in regards to business, science, technology and the arts.  I look forward to watching the many classes on sustainability and health and wellness.


Last night, I was talking to a good friend about the benefits of Google+ and how it is a cleaner, more efficient version of Facebook, FourSquare, and LinkedIn combined.  I had also mentioned that I can’t wait for more people to start using it so we can utilize the huddle feature where people can either chat collaboratively through texting or through web cams.  But not all of my friends are on it, so it only works for those of us who are in advertising (these seem to be the only ones that are using it)!


My friend brought up an application that can be used by anyone who has SMS texting capabilities but it also has an application that can work on any of the smart phones.  It’s an app called GroupMe and it allows you to create groups like the Google Circles, but it doesn’t matter what kind of phone they have. I now have a group for my family, for the Lovely Ladies in my life, and I’ll propose that the Ad 2 board start using this so we’re not blowing up each other’s email inboxes.  Other approaches to circles GroupMe is trying to have you consider are group travel vacation planning, group festival attendees that want to plan out what they’re doing, and even groups with friends that you love to talk about a certain TV show above (competition for GetGlue, anyone?)


Has anyone used GroupMe yet and what kind of Groups have you put together?  (If you’re a subscriber to this blog, remember that all you have to do is reply to the email you get and it will show up as a comment… I think.  Come on, try it!)

1 thought on “Learning and Sharing: Two “new” social ways to do it”

  1. I just spent a few minutes checking out Learn It Live and think I will sign up for some of the classes. Thanks for writing about this!

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