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The Importance of Finding Your Culture

Some of you may know that I have left my current position at an ad agency and am about to move to a little bit more corporate environment in a marketing/sales/management capacity.  I’m very excited to be a part of this new environment and from what I already know about the people and their positive attitudes and creative sensibilities, I know I’ll fit right in.But fit is different for everyone.  How they react to different “corporate cultures” and how they respond to the different types of environments can vary.  I was chatting through email with a friend about our views on different corporate cultures and his take on one company prompted me to write this blog about it.  He used to work for a company that wasn’t quite up his alley.  He wrote to me that “It’s a pretty impressive place – on one hand, I think they are an incredibly strong sales organization, adept marketers, very focused and efficient.  The downside that I saw, which didn’t bother me personally, is that it is a pretty sharp work culture – not for the faint of heart, or the non-competitive.  In [location hidden to keep this innocent], they had tons of turnover with the sales staff, probably in a way that is typical.  I sometimes wonder if that’s the tradeoff: they feel it’s in their best interest to run people full speed, and, those that can’t keep up will fall aside. Or, if they had a slightly more emphatic culture, and retained more people, if in the end that would benefit their bottom line?”

I responded that because I’ve gotten a chance to visit many broadcast stations for brainstorming sessions and business meetings that I’ve witnessed differences corporate cultures  When I go to meet with them as a starter session for a proposal they’re writing for my client, some ask a lot of standard questions first, some say a lot of stuff about how awesome they are and their capabilities at meeting my needs, and some start off with a creative brainstorming session that I get incorporated into and I get asked questions that are developed as the process works.  And the proposals I get back from each of them are very different and I tend to like the latter the best.

Not everyone can flourish professionally in all types of environments and you have to find which ones work best for you.  I look forward to the culture I’m about to become a part of.

1 thought on “The Importance of Finding Your Culture”

  1. Patti:

    Congratulations on the new job!

    I think agency life suits one for almost any sort of corporate culture since dealing with clients leads to lots of exposure.

    Personally I’ve had experience with type “A” businesses (my way or the highway” as well as Type “B” (participative management). Both are fine as long as everyone knows the game and internal rules are followed.

    Beware the Type B guys that are really type A. They tend to drive their employees crazy over time.


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