Romano’s Repeat Visitation Marketing Tactic A Success

My friends and I went on a work lunch in early November to Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  They’ve updated their menu and we really like their lunch combinations.  At the end of the lunch, the manager came out and each gave us a card that said Do Not Open Until You Return – Romano’s Grazie Instant Win Game.  It looked like one of those perforated envelops you get in the mail where you tear off the perfs on each side and bottom to open it.  If we didn’t open them and came back before the end of November, we could win lots of money, a trip to Italy (wouldn’t that have been awesome?), a Vespa, etc.  But if they were opened you were disqualified.

So I held onto mine in my purse for the month and  convinced the family that we needed to go for a lunch on Black Friday.  It was empty, since everyone else was at the mall, so we got right in.  I put my card on the table and as soon as the waitress came I asked how to redeem it.  She said we had to wait until the end of the meal to see if I won anything.  The suspense!

So we had a lovely meal and took advantage of the Mezzo Prezzo on all wines for the weekend.  Then the manager came out to open them up.  He was really friendly and had a great time building the suspense.  The funny thing was that he not only had to open up the envelop, but then had to scratch off the coating to see what we won.  Unfortunately, I only got 10% off my entire bill, but that was still a nice gesture and it was a true win for Romano’s Marketing Department.

Have you taken advantage of other loyalty cards that encouraged a quick return visitation?  I’ve had enough smoothies at my local Nature’s Table that I’ve gotten through two punch cards worth, which means two free smoothies.  But I’ve been sitting on a Dechoes’ punch card for about four years and it doesn’t look like it will ever expire, so I’m biding my time.  I have recently seen on FourSquare that Mochi’s and Thai Cuisine would have given me discounts if I had come back within a day or two of seeing their promotions in the app, but I missed my window and can’t find those discounts again.  Ah well, I’ll just wait.

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