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Orlando Called, but will it again?

I took advantage of the opportunity to attend the Saturday session of Orlando Calling and was impressed by the quality of the performances and the variety of vendors for food and merchandise.  But as we wandered around to the different stages, I noticed that it wasn’t very crowded.  I had assumed that I’d be so cramped around everyone that we prepared as if we were going on an airplane – upping Vitamin C and elderberry spray that morning, and bringing hand sanitizer and tissues with us in case we got sneezed on there.

But there was room to breathe!  This concerns me.  I think back to the past couple of months and realize I didn’t start seeing “real advertising” until about a week before the event, and that was only a fifteen second billboard on our local cable news channel.  The only way I knew about this event a few months back was from a friend who noticed a facebook ad.  I heard through the advertising industry grapevine that a couple of media companies wanted to help partner in the Central Florida market and the head honcho putting on the event said that they didn’t want to use traditional media or partner with them in order to give people a chance to win tickets.   With the amount of people that needed to be there to fill up the event, I hope that the promoters did not take this approach outside of the market as well.  And I hope Sunday’s session was more crowded than Saturdays.

Why would I want it really crowded?  The food and merchandise vendors looked awfully lonely and we never had to wait in line for a drink at the central bar.  If the vendors aren’t happy and if Heineken feels like they didn’t get the volume of people visiting their area (which was awesomely put together, but always had available seating), they won’t want to do it again next near.

Did anyone out there see any advertising for this event?  In a newspaper, on TV, or on the radio?  Or was this all done through social outlets?  How did you hear about it or did it never come up until now?  For any of you that live outside of this market, did you ever hear about it?

Curious minds want to know.

3 thoughts on “Orlando Called, but will it again?”

  1. I agree this amazing concert felt under-publicized! I first noticed the event randomly on a Google Widget by way of an unconfirmed post that LTJ was headed to Orlando this weekend. I had to do some individual investigating for full details. The line up, I thought, was fantastic – why weren’t we more bombarded with information?

  2. As an ad agency, I blame you for the lack of advertising! (Ha)….

    Seriously, too many events like this go under the radar due to the lack of promotion. A good promotional campaign (radio, TV, internet – or even that thing called a newspaper) would work… what a shame the promoters failed to spread the word properly

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