Mobile 101.2

Now that I’ve provided some general research on mobile users I want to share insights on mobile activities in two vertical industries that have generated reports: auto and travel.

Mobile is playing an important role in the car purchase funnel, Google reports.  People are using apps and browsers to search for model information, dealers and locations in order to find the best deal. In January, Auto Trader reported that 45% of users accessed their mobile app while at a dealership to research a car.  eBay says that they sell 2,000 cars each week on mobile alone.1

I have a little bit more research/insights for the travel industry.  According to Ypartnership’s Portrait of the American Traveler (2010), twenty percent of travelers have downloaded a travel related app to their smart phone, one in six has booked air travel or lodging or viewed a virtual visitor guide, and ten percent of active travelers have used their smartphone to download and redeem mobile coupons.  A perspective to keep in mind is that only 50% of the US population can be considered active travelers.2

But, according to Greystripe, while active travelers are only half of the population, they have a higher propensity for smart phone use, and the more they travel the higher that propensity.  Of those who have smart phones, 55% travel two or more times per year.  And of smart phone users, 70% indicate that mobile is a useful tool for research, planning and booking travel, about half have used mobile apps to book travel, get travel information or research local attractions, restaurants and activities, and nearly half have booked travel using mobile apps and websites.3

And hotel groups are starting to see results on mobile.  While it may work better for chains that have lots of properties instead of only a couple, nice hotels, like those of the InterContinental Hotels Group have started using mobile.  Google has stated that they work with them across their entire portfolio, including Mobile search, Mobile GDN and AdMob.4

We’re about to start running mobile with one of my clients.  My goal is to drive web site traffic, so we’ll see if the technology which can’t measure post-view impressions yet is able to drive a high enough Click Through Rate and have a low bounce rate that it can compete with what I’m doing over the desktop.

2Ypartnership’s Portrait of the American Traveler (2010 Results),
3Greystripe, “Advertiser Insights Report: Smartphone and Tablet Travel Insights”, September 2011

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