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How To Talk To Moms

In media planning, I use secondary research to be able to find what moms read, watch, and listen to.  I also know when they are doing all of these things and if they are doing two at the same time!  But as I always say, we can reach the right person at the right place and the right time, but if the message is off in anyway, it’s useless to have done so. found that moms like to be given detailed information about how they can use a product.  The next top ad formats are those that are visually appealing and interactive ads that have polls, quizzes, or games.

There’s a new ad unit out there that will be a game changer for how we can offer information to people without them having to leave the web page they’re currently at.  It’s being called a nano-site because it can cram copious amounts of data, video, polls/quizzes/games, data entry, and even sales conversions into the banner.  It’s rich media on steroids and all of the data stays in the cloud so we never have to worry about max file sizes again!

The purveyor of this technology breakthrough has been Flite.  Check out their examples of all of the kinds of things they do here.

I’m hopefully a season away from being able to be to also talk about how awesome the results are.

And thank you, eMarketer, for providing the research about what weekday media activities moms by generation use and about the ad formats.

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