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Fun with Newspaper Math

I’d like to be informative with posts, but sometimes, one has to first decompress with a joke.  I heard this one recently:

A client rings up an account executive and says, “I want to be in newspaper and I want it big.”

AE says, “Sure, we’ll get with the media planner and get you rates for a full page.”

Media planner gets plan together, AE gets job going.

Creative person presents ad to client for review.

“It’s really vertically, isn’t it?  Could we do something more squarish?” says the client.

Media person and AE smacks their foreheads with their hands.

How one cannot possibly plan a multi-newspaper buy in a single 8 hour period.

This is just a quick lesson in how fun changing minds mid-stream can be… and that change being newspaper sizes.  Not a fun topic, but one I feel that if everyone gets, the media world would be a better place.

To my newspaper friends, this is not a rant focused towards you, it’s a rant focused to your rate cards.

Did you know, that when you change sizes, color, sections, day of week, color of your shirt, in a total buy with a newspaper, absolutely all of the rates for every ad can change on you in an instant?  Like when you don’t have enough money to do all full pages, so you drop some to halves, you might actually wind up closer to the original cost because you lose pick-up rates and go below a contract size? Is there anything we can do about that? And, is there any way to be able to have the receptionist at the newspaper be able to provide rates since she/he’s there all day and can respond quicker than my rep on their blackberry trying to quickly interpret their matrix of a rate card?

Phew.  Thank you.

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