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Asking for a proposal should be about the same, right?

Now that I’m on the “dark side” as we call it in the industry, I’ve had some encounters with business owners, marketers, and media planners who are asking me for proposals for outdoor boards for them to advertise on.I’m actually surprised about how hard it is to get information from people to help me build… Continue reading Asking for a proposal should be about the same, right?

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Networking on Linkedin

I was recently a recipient of an introduction through Linkedin from a gentleman looking to get into the advertising business.  He knew a person that knew a person that knew me.  We chatted through that system for a little bit and I told him about Ad 2 Orlando and upcoming events and we wound up… Continue reading Networking on Linkedin

Rep Encounters, Sales

Who Are You Talking To?

A big rule in creative execution is “Know Your Audience.”  Who you are trying to talk to will change how your ad speaks to them.  For instance, if you are a restaurant, the benefits of your restaurant are different for everyone.  Are they moms? Affluent people? Executive assistant charged with planning a Christmas party?  For… Continue reading Who Are You Talking To?