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Google! Google! Google! (Part l’une)

There has been quite a lot of Buzz about Google in the news lately (pun intended).  I’ve been amassing different articles on how Google is taking over the world.  From how we socialize, to buy plane tickets, to how we will soon be buying things in a store with our phones, Google has got a hand in it now. So the next two weeks will be dedicated to Google.

This week, how to socialize and buy plane tickets.  Next week, how to buy everything else and some media nerd display advertising fun.

If you don’t know, Google+ has now come out of beta.  I was one of the lucky millions to be in beta and I have fallen in love with their huddle technology.  I can’t wait until I have enough of my friends on there so we can all plan to meet somewhere through a text group and be able to all “talk” to each other in real time.  The possibilities!  For more info on Google+ going public, read this article on Reuters.  And to see the amazing synergistic combinations you can get by using different Google products together, read this article by Memeburn.  They actually use the words “Foursquare Killer.”

For those who are more interested in the practical purchasing applications, the next time you want to buy a plane ticket, try out Google/flights.  Like Bing’s software, it will help you determine when is the best time to buy a ticket for a particular flight, but another layer is the fact that if you know you want to travel so many days and have a flexible start and end dates, it can find the cheapest flight for you over the course of months. More info on this new application is on USA Today.  For more information on how Google is also taking over the hotel room sales as an OTA, check out Google/HotelFinder.

Happy socializing and traveling!

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