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Is ‘90s Rock No Longer Relevant?

Back in February I wrote how our biggest Classic Rock station switched to a hybrid of ‘90s Rock and Classics.  We learned that the station owners felt this would help them reach a younger demo beginning their family lifestage.  Well, this didn’t last very long.  It’s actually think it’s the shortest amount a station has stayed one format.

If your live in Orlando, you are well aware that this Rock station is now a News/Talk AM/FM simulcast.  They spent a pretty penny letting all of us know.

Their new rationale for switching? Orlando didn’t have a dominant news/talk format and so they wanted to grow their audience through bringing their AM to their FM.

No talk in Orlando? What about Real Radio? What about NPR? Oh, I see, no talk that interest a certain other group of people.

Business-wise – This decision makes sense to me.  We’re on the verge of the Republican Primary and they can capture an audience that is older, more affluent, and rare to reach in mass media so they can ask for a premium price and get it.

Personal-wise – So when I’m not listening to NPR, what is there for me to listen to? I feel like Goldilocks with my rock stations either being too soft or too hard.  There’s nothing just right for me and my demo – the non-top 40 female 25-54.  And WPRK doesn’t always come in very well.

I miss She 100.3 (left us circa late 90’s).  I miss ORock (also short-lived from circa 2000 to 2008). I miss Real Radio’s weekends before they switched to Classic Rock (circa late last year/early this year).  And now I miss 96 Rock.  RIP.

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