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I’m a TV Moderator, What Are You?

As you may know, media buyers can only buy TV and radio buy Age and Sex.  We buy Adults 25-54, Women 35-54, Men 60+, etc.  It’s not very targeted an so when we plan, we look at qualitative data such as “has visited Florida (not Disney) in the past yer,” “has children in the household,” or “interested in museums.”  We then select the stations/day parts that have the highest composition of that type of person.

Other advertisers are interested in reaching other types of attributes, such as people who only buy name brand, generic, are early adopters of technology, or who talk passionately about the television shows they watch.

CBS picked up on this and did their own research on types of TV viewers and their habits and purchasing patterns.  They conducted a survey that found six audience groups and have shared these results with competing stations and advertisers to use in their planning process.

The groups are as follows:

-Media Trendsetter – slightly more make skew who are early adopters of TV and technology

-Program Passionates – have highest median income, skew more female, are likely to own DVRs an are loyal to TV shows… and talk a lot about them

-TV Companions – TV watchers who frequently have the TV set on, but mostly in the

-Sports Enthusiasts – also favor action drama programming

-Streamers – younger viewers who will watch on multiple screens

-TV Moderators – are those looking to minimize their TV usage

These different distinctions include every age and both sexes, so two TV shows could have the same rating point for Adults 25-54, but one show might reach more people with a preference to high-priced brand-name products, but the other one might reach people who prefer to cut coupons.

And for my clients, that makes a big difference.

So I think I’m a TV Moderator.  Which one do you think you are?

(PS – Thanks to MediaPost for writing about and a fellow Media Nerd for passing around this article, which you can read here.)

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